Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can AwardPlanner find award seats even when I’ve been told there are none available?
A: Although we cannot guarantee exact flights and/or dates, we are experts when it comes to planning award travel and are very successful in achieving most itineraries. If seats are not available when we initially call, we can take the time to continually call back to check for openings-but we can never guarantee anything.

Q: Am I entitled to a refund if you can’t get the award I requested?
A: No, we do not offer a refund once we’ve begun working on a travel request.

Q: What benefits do you offer in addition to assisting me with the redemption of my frequent flyer miles and points?
A: We can help you with nearly all of your travel arrangements. We have helped customers book safari trips, purchase Broadway tickets and even swim with the dolphins.

Q: Can you assist me in redeeming my American Express Membership Rewards and Diners Club Club Rewards points?
A: While we cannot directly work with American Express and Diners points, we can make the necessary bookings, and then let the traveler know how many points need to be transferred and where to transfer them to.

Q: I have points and miles with several programs. Can you help me plan a trip that combines my accounts and maximizes the value of my miles and points?
A: Yes, we have extensive experience and can access a wealth of resources that provide us with the most up-to-date program information. While miles/points cannot be combined from various programs, we can tell you how to best utilize what you currently have.

Q: Are you able to book paid tickets as well as award tickets?
A: Yes. Both award- and revenue-travel arrangements will be sent to you on one easy-to-read travel itinerary.**

Q: How far in advance should I begin planning my trip when using AwardPlanner? 
A: The more notice you provide us, the better your chances of getting the awards you want. But we can arrange your award travel for you even hours before your date of departure (assuming we receive your request during business hours).

Q: What are the rules for adding family members?
A: Family members must reside at the same address and have the same membership term as the primary AwardPlanner member. All AwardPlanner membership dues will be billed to the credit card provided.

Q: Can I use this service to obtain tickets for my entire family?
A: As long as all of your tickets will be redeemed from your frequent flyer account, we can arrange travel for your entire family. Of course, we will work with your family members’ frequent flyer programs if they are also members of AwardPlanner.

Q: Can I plan travel for friends and family that do not reside with me?
A: Yes, but a $40 service fee will be charged, per trip, if the AwardPlanner member is not traveling as well.

Q: How much does AwardPlanner cost?
A: Our Annual Membership Plan provides you with unlimited award planning assistance for an entire year for just $99.95. You also enjoy the option of using a family member’s miles and points for a low fee of $19.95 per family member.

Q: How do I enroll in AwardPlanner?
A: Unfortunately, as of March 15th 2007, we are no longer accepting new members.

Q: How will I know when you’ve received my online enrollment?
A: When you submit your enrollment through our secure server, you will receive an email confirmation from AwardPlanner immediately. The email confirmation will also include your membership number.

Q: I’m trying to access the AwardPlanner site from work and I can’t seem to get in. What’s wrong?
A: It is possible that your company has a firewall that won’t allow you to access secure sites. If you are having difficulties, please call our customer service department at (800) 333-5937 anytime between 8am-5pm MT, Mon – Fri, or use our online contact form.

** A service fee will apply for any revenue travel booked.