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We anticipate, meet, and exceed our visitors’ expectations to bring order to the complex and changing world of miles and points. 


Blog Hosting

We provide free hosting, and will assist you with everything you need to ensure your blog is a success. It will be featured on BoardingArea where it can receive the attention it deserves.


We offer several traditional and dynamic opportunities such as unique ad-blocker free advertising locations including fly-ins, tabs, captcha registration, sponsored threads, and glossary lookup.

Web Development

We ensure optimal performance by developing products with the highest degree of functionality across all media devices.

Web Design

We create modern and clean designs that will provide a great user experience, improve branding, increase traffic, and reduce bounce rates.

Business Strategy

We collaborate individually with bloggers to develop custom strategies that perfectly fit their needs. We provide everything needed to ensure success.

Customer Support

We offer customer support and maintenance to all bloggers. We make sure all blogs are up-to-date and running smoothly.

Who We Are

We pride ourselves with over 25 years of providing news, information, and advice for frequent flyers. Our goal has always been to provide the information needed to make the most of their travel.

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We reach over two million frequent flyer miles / points enthusiasts monthly

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We are the largest and most influential collection of websites targeted at road warriors / frequent flyers

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We have the highest reader engagement among road warriors / frequent flyers

The Sky is the Limit

Share our excitement with us! Get featured with the best when using Frequent Flyer Services.

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