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Founded in 1986, Frequent Flyer Services has created a unique niche for itself within the travel industry as a company that conceives, develops and markets products and services exclusively for the frequent traveler. Its focus and distinctive competency lie in the area of frequent traveler programs. Worldwide, these frequent traveler programs in the airline, hotel, car rental and credit card industries have more than 75 million members who earn an excess of 650 billion miles per year.

Headed by Randy Petersen, who The Wall Street Journal calls, "...the most influential frequent flier in America," Frequent Flyer Services has had alliances with major companies such as AOL and provides, or has provided, content and information to many of the leading sites on the Internet. Additionally, the company has become a popular source for consulting opinion and services for frequent traveler programs around the world, having supplied services to Thai Airlines, AT&T, International Customer Loyalty Programmes, Unisys and a host of others.

Originally online with NewsNet and Compuserve in 1987, the company has always embraced technology. In 1995 it launched WebFlyer, the first source of frequent flyer information on the Internet and the recipient of dozens of awards. InsideFlyer Online was launched with AOL in early 1996, and is now among the most visited sites anywhere on the Internet.

The company is probably most famous for its InsideFlyer magazine, which has grown from a simple newsletter into the leading publication in the world for members of frequent traveler programs. In addition to the magazine, Frequent Flyer Services has introduced some of the most popular and unique programs for frequent travelers, including AwardGuard, which protects frequent flyer miles from being lost if an airline program goes out of business. USA Today honored this program in 1991 as one of the "Products of the Year." The company also publishes The Official Frequent Flyer Guidebook, an annual guidebook of more than 90 frequent traveler programs, which is bought and used by thousands of frequent travelers each year.

Frequent Flyer Services, with corporate headquarters located in Colorado Springs, CO, is a privately held company.

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